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Kara Thrace
07 August 2010 @ 03:44 pm
"Kara Thrace and her special destiny? That sounds like a bad cover band."

Please leave a message here for Kara (or her mun) if you would like to get in contact with her. You can also reach the mun at burnandrave [at] livejournal [dot] com.

Thank you!!
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Kara Thrace
02 January 2009 @ 01:20 pm
[Set in an RP-verse with wants_to_resist. Canon is current up to "Revelations".]

Kara was a little drunk.

And by a little, one could assume it was a lot. Galactica was still in orbit around Earth, and they were running recon missions on the planet and still looking for clues about what had happened to the people who'd lived there before.

Kara refused to spend more time than she absolutely had to on the surface. She was still convinced she was going to die there, and if it was going to be her grave, she'd spend enough time there eventually.

She'd just come off a four-day recon rotation, and she and her fellow pilots had gone to the bar for a few rounds before heading back to their quarters. Kara had really wanted to go and find Sam, but she knew the others would make some kind of comment if she ignored the post-mission drinking fest. And it was nice to relax a little, even if she'd maybe overdone it a bit.

Still, she was in a good mood, and when she went in search of Sam, it was with a pretty good idea of how she wanted to spend her last remaining energy before she collapsed into her bunk and slept for sixteen hours straight.
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Kara Thrace
22 December 2008 @ 12:49 pm
(This is an Earth!AU response. Sam is notmyfate and Leoben is cylon_prophet.)

Things I have to do:

1. Teach the nuggets how to land without crashing into something. That was a close call last week.
2. Go watch Sam's Pyramid team and tell him yes, they're very good.
3. Pretend to understand Leoben's complicated drawing about whatever project he's working on.
4. Check on Sharon and see if she's doing okay.
5. Say thank you to Lee for finding Leoben a job. I had no idea he'd actually been mopey before he had something to do.
6. Finish the mural in the living room. Which means I need more blue paint.
7. Visit Laura.
8. Wash my uniform.
9. Recon patrol next week, ugh. My frakking pilots need to be flight-ready stat, I'm so sick of endless loops around this frakking planet. Gods help me, sometimes I miss shooting at things.
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Kara Thrace
22 December 2008 @ 12:31 pm
Everyone loves to talk about their favorite holiday moments. We want your muse to take a walk on the darker side. Share an experience they'd rather not relive, whether it be because of the company or something far worse.

Canon. They don't have Christmas in BSG-verse, to my knowledge, so this is about birthdays.

Her mother thought holidays were stupid, especially birthdays.

"Why should I celebrate that? It was painful, Kara, and your father left me three days after I brought you home. Besides, celebrating birthdays is selfish--if anyone should get presents, it should be me. What did you do to deserve anything?" A cluck of the tongue and a shake of the head, and there was her mother's answer to can I have a stuffed animal for my birthday, Mama? "No, if you want presents for something, then you go do something that deserves presents. No one is going to throw you a party just for existing."

Kara had been six years old when her mother told her that, and she never forgot it. But she never stopped waking up every morning on her birthday and hoping maybe this time would be different, maybe this time she'd done something really good and her Mama would buy her a birthday present. Because she'd have to go to school and make up something that her Mama got her, because everyone knew it was her birthday and they would ask. And Kara didn't know how to answer that question because it made her feel all funny when they asked, so she came up with something like a Viper! and everyone laughed at her and then she had to punch them.

Then she got sent home and punished, and that's how she spent her birthday.

So by the time she turned ten, everyone at school knew that if you asked weirdo Kara Thrace what she got for her birthday, she'd punch you in the face. So no one asked, and no one got her a card or a gift or anything, because by then everyone thought she just hated her birthday. Worse, though, they thought she hated birthdays just in general, and so she never got invited to anyone else's, because what kind of mom wanted a birthday-hating little girl that'd give you a punch to the face as a present at their daughter's birthday party?

And so Kara, because she was Kara, just started hating her birthday. Because everyone else thought she did, and if they knew she really did want a present or a cake, or even that she'd be just fine with watching someone else have presents and a cake, then they would think she was weak and pathetic and Kara hated that. She didn't want their pity! Her Mama said that was the worst thing anyone could ever give you, and Kara thought maybe her Mama was right about that.

Except one year, she was in the hospital on her birthday because she'd fallen down the stairs (that's what Mama said to say, I fell down the stairs, not anything about breaking Mama's bottle and spilling on the carpet or being shoved while standing too close to the stairs, her own fault anyway, she was clumsy), and the nurse saw on her chart that it was her birthday.

"Oh!" the nurse said, and touched her hand to Kara's hair gently, which made Kara flinch because she didn't like that. "It's your birthday, Kara. How about that!"

And Kara almost said, like she always did, "I hate my birthday," but she couldn't because the nurse had already left. And later, the doctors came in and sang and brought her a teddy bear from the gift shop downstairs. Kara went to sleep with the teddy bear and thought that even though she was in the hospital and her ankle hurt and she missed her Mama (because you were supposed to miss the person who love and took care of you), that maybe this was the best birthday she'd ever had. The teddy bear was soft and she put her face in its fur and it was better than anything at helping her get to sleep.

Except when her Mama came to pick her up and take her home, she found out about the bear and wouldn't let Kara bring it with her. "I told you, only good little girls get birthday presents. You didn't do anything good, did you, Kara? You knocked something of mine over, and then you fell down the stairs and had to go to the hospital. Do you know how much your bill is going to be? Do you think you deserve a present?"

And Kara said no, she probably didn't, and asked her Mama if maybe she could give it to another little girl in the hospital who had been good. But her mother said it had Kara's germs on it and they wouldn't let her give it to anyone else, and made her throw it in the trash outside by the car. Kara cried really quietly the whole way home and decided that having the things you wanted only meant they got taken away from you, so maybe it was just better not to want anything at all.
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Kara Thrace
22 December 2008 @ 11:51 am
Couples Therapy: 2. Discuss something you're not ready for in your current relationship, and explain why.

This is an Earth!AU prompt response. Sam is notmyfate and Leoben is cylon_prophet.

[Locked from Sam and Leoben]

I'm not ready to forgive him yet, about Kacey.

I've made my peace with Leoben about most of what happened on New Caprica. I know why he did it. I know it was to keep me alive, to keep me from the joining the resistance, because then I might have died and I never would have found Earth. I know his side of the story, and while I hate what he did to me, I have to believe he thought it was the only way to keep me safe.

And he admitted part of him wanted to force me into loving him. I hate that part a lot, but what can I frakking do about it? I do love him. Sometimes I think I loved him when I was his prisoner, but it doesn't make any sense why I would have. Sometimes it felt like love when I killed him, but I don't know if that makes sense, either. Nothing with the two of us makes a lot of sense. Trust me, I know that better than anyone. I know Lee doesn't get it, and even Sharon--my best friend--I think she's confused, too. But I love him, and that's not up for frakking discussion. You can try and figure out why, and let me know if you do.

But Kacey...he told me she was mine. My child. And he knew about my mother, and what I--what my childhood was like. And I guess it's fair to say he had to do something drastic, since he caught me trying to slice my wrists open in the bathroom. But I don't think I would have done it. I've never really wanted to die, except the one time when I actually did.

I don't know if Sam's forgiven him or not. He was the one who was left there, alone, not knowing what happened to me. I should have been by his side, as his wife and leader of the resistance. I would have been. And it all goes back to that, that Leoben was frakking right and I could have died. But I could have lived, too. I've never asked if Leoben's visions saw my death on New Caprica. I don't know if I'm ready for the answer.

But Kacey...

I saw her, a few days ago. I was at the market, and her mother was there, and they came over and said hi. Kacey's gotten so big, I almost didn't recognize her. But she smiled and said, "Kara," and I picked her up and she tugged my hair. I wondered what she would have done if Leoben had been with me. I wonder if she remembers him. Looking back, I don't think she ever called him anything. She doesn't look anything like me, or Leoben, except she's fair-haired like the two of us. She's in school, they have a nice warm place to live, and her mom says they're both doing well. I'm really glad about that.

But then I went home and I didn't talk to Leoben for the rest of the day. I know this...relationship...the three of us have won't work unless I frakking talk, communicate, whatever. But I just couldn't do it. I was afraid of what I would say. I think maybe I need to say it, at some point, but I don't want to. Yesterday I came home and Leoben and Sam were playing Pyramid again, dressed in all the random warm clothes we've managed to scrape together (you don't need them on a spaceship, winter's been hard to dress for), and they were laughing and easy. And I remembered the first night we moved in here, when I thought they were going to go after each others throats and this was all doomed to be some colossal frak-up.

I want it to work. It is. I just have to let this go, and I just don't know if I can. But I want to, I do, and I guess that's something.
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Kara Thrace
22 December 2008 @ 11:15 am
Earth!AU response. I needed a bit of brevity. They are usually little buckets of angst, do forgive my momentary venture into comedy. Sometimes they need to laugh, y/y? Besides, one of the survivors just HAD to be a restaurateur with a clever sense of humor, or someone who used to be in marketing for a living.

Leoben here is cylon_prophet, and Sam is notmyfate, and I promise we'll return to our regularly scheduled angst programming after this brief little interlude. arrow_of_apollo, I apologize for the joke! :D

"Stop laughing. I mean it." Kara pointed her fork at Sam. "It's not funny." She looked down at the menu and scowled again. "I just can't believe this."

Sam was laughing so hard, he had trouble breathing. "It's just...come on, Kara. It's funny."

"No, Anders, it's really frakking not," Kara hissed, glaring at her husband. "I've got pilots that need to respect me. And you know that one I told you about, Private Terran? He makes enough frakking Cylon-lover jokes that this isn't going to help."

"But you do love Cylons. Two of them. Three, if you count Sharon Agathon," Leoben pointed out, calmly, but Kara noticed he wasn't looking at her and was instead studying the menu with ill-concealed amusement.

"She's the only frakking Cylon I love at the moment," Kara muttered, drumming her fingers on the table. They were at the beachside restaurant a few miles from their house for dinner, which was a regular occurrence as of late. The little restaurant was a popular place, and was expanding rapidly. They'd added new tables, built an enclose for dining even in the cold temperatures of the winter season. And they had brand-new menus, too.

"We named everything after stuff from the attacks, and the exodus and stuff," the waitress had told them, showing them to their usual table. Kara had barely registered what that might mean until Sam started reading it, and had immediately started laughing so hard he couldn't breathe.

He'd had to point out to her what was so funny, which was the menu item named after her. The Starbuck, a triple-decker stacked sandwich with two different kinds of meat.

"I like mine," Leoben said now, while Kara was pointedly ignoring Sam's hilarity. "It's a soup, with mysterious ingredients you've probably never heard of."

"How do you know that's yours?" Sam asked, getting a hold of himself at length and peering over Leoben's shoulder at the menu.

Leoben pointed. "It's menu item number two," he said, and Sam started laughing again.

"I hate you both," Kara snapped. "Why couldn't I have been some kind of frakking alcoholic beverage? Doesn't that make more sense?" she asked, annoyed.

"At least you're not the Baltar salad," Sam said, wiping at his eyes. "It says it's full of fruits and nuts."

Kara snickered despite herself, but she was still a little miffed. "You're laughing because you're not on here," she groused, scanning the menu. It was kind of funny that the menu item for Six was a healthy entree. As if any kind of diet would give you that frakking figure. And it was a little gratifying that Lee Adama's entree was a hamburger called the Adama Jr, half the meat of the original Adama burger!

"Yes he is." Leoben flipped over the menu. "The Final Five are desserts. See? I think yours is the one that comes out in the shape of a pyramid with honey on it."

Kara crossed her arms in ire. The frakking owner of this stupid bar was always really nice to Sam, and probably really did want to pour honey all over him or something. Sam was hot, and Kara was used to it, but it still wasn't very fair. "So, wait. I'm a sandwich, you're soup, and Sam gets to be a dessert?"

Sam grinned, leaning back in his chair, hands behind his head and radiating smugness. "That's because it's me, baby," he drawled, and winked at her. "Think I'm gonna order the Colonel Tigh martini to go with my Starbuck Sandwich--"

"You are not ordering that," Kara interrupted.

"Hey, it sounds good! Besides, you should be happy to have two different kinds of meat--"

"Yeah, yeah. Keep up the frakking jokes, and I'll be going vegetarian," Kara said dangerously, not even thinking how that might sound. Leoben choked on his water, and Sam started laughing again. Kara made a disgusted sound and stomped over to the bar. Drinking her dinner sounded like a really frakking good idea right about now.

Frak it. She was so learning how to cook.
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Kara Thrace
22 December 2008 @ 10:25 am
(RP!Canon-verse. Sam is wants_to_resist. Pandora's box was actually a jar, but go with me on the metaphor. ::grins::)

Dare: Open it

Kara Thrace is on Galactica, and she is dreaming. Below her orbits Earth, a wasteland of broken hopes and tangled metal. The space that surrounds them is silent and dark, but it hums with the threat of a Cylon army and the final battle yet to come.

Beside her Sam is asleep, one arm flung over in silent possessiveness. He's warm and taking up all the room in her crowded bunk, because Kara has still not asked for married housing despite their recent reconciliation.

In her dream, she's standing on the surface of the planet, barefoot, the ground solid beneath her feet. Leoben is before her, smiling, the sea stretched out endlessly behind him. He's holding something in his hand, which is held out towards her in silent supplication. He has stars for eyes. "Take it, Kara," he says, and whatever is in his hand is glowing too bright for her to see.

Kara reaches out and watches as the light in his eyes fades, leaving his eyes their normal, predatory blue. "I can't," she said, angry, because Leoben always makes her angry. "I can't." Her eyes stray to the box, humming with some unearthly music, the sound of which she has not heard since she came back from the storm with the way to earth a torment in her mind.

The unsung music sings to us all.

"You have to," he says and shoves it at her, that thing made of light and burning, and Kara takes it because she knows that if it lands on the ground, if it touches fertile earth, it will leave only cinders in its wake.

The pain of the box in her hand burns like fire, everywhere it touches, flashes of agonizing pain flowing over her body like the ocean behind Leoben. Kara wants to pitch the box in the waves, even though she knows it would mean death--all life needs water to survive.

You are the harbinger of death, Kara Thrace. You will lead them all to their end.

"Open it," Leoben says, still smiling. The light from the box halos around him, makes him look like some kind of angel. An angel of death, or maybe that's her.

"It burns," Kara says, her voice choked with pain. "I can't."

"It's yours," Leoben says softly. "Only you can open it, Kara. Embrace that knowledge and the pain will stop. But there is nothing within that you cannot withstand. If you do not open it, all light here will fade and truth will be lost to darkness."

Kara reaches down and flips the lid, and his face is the last thing she sees before he is swallowed by the light pouring forth from her palms. And if there's pain it doesn't matter, because she's one with it, one with the light, and she can't see anything anymore but white.

When she wakes up, she lies in the darkness and listens to Sam breathing, steady and sure beside her. She curls her hand into a fist and thinks about fire.
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Kara Thrace
22 December 2008 @ 10:03 am
What do you do when you can't sleep?
(RP with cylon_prophet, set in the Earth!AU 'verse (not canon).)

The nightmare woke her up, covered in sweat despite the cold, heart racing like she was in the cockpit and facing an army of Cylons.

But she wasn't, she was in her bedroom on Earth, and the battle was over. The only Cylons were the two asleep in their respective rooms, alone, because Kara wasn't good at sharing her space. She tried to go back to sleep, but the images were too vivid. She sat up and looked around, as if she were going to find the answers in the shadows.

Kara sat huddled on the edge of her bed for a long time, thinking. Finally, she gave up and pulled her robe around her, padding barefoot into the hallway. Sam's door was open, so she peeked inside. He was sound asleep on his back, one arm flung sideways, his head turned. She expelled a breath and watched his chest rise and fall. Alive, see? He's alive. No one shot him, no one made you watch while they killed him.

Dreams about her own death, she could go back to sleep after those. It was the ones that showed her the people she loved being taken away from her, those were the bad ones, the ones that kept her up. But Sam was asleep, and alive, and she could crawl into bed with him like she sometimes did, and he'd put his arms around her and then she'd go back to sleep.

The problem was, she wasn't just dreaming about Sam anymore. She turned towards Leoben's door, which was closed, and bit her lip. She'd seen Leoben die enough times that she shouldn't have nightmares about it, considering how many times she'd killed him. But this particular dream had been very bad, enough that it had woken her up in a panic. Which somewhat perversely annoyed her, to be honest, and she stood outside his door a long time with her hand on the knob.

Frak it, she thought, and opened the door.

Leoben was asleep, on his side, his back facing her. Above his bed, the mural she'd painted for him was a blur in the darkness, but she knew what it was. Two stars captured in the blackness of space, orbiting a fiery sun. His had been the first one she'd finished.

Logically, she knew he was alive. But logic wasn't helping her forget her dream, and Kara had never been the best of friends with logic anyway, so she walked over and sat on the edge of his bed. She put a hand lightly on his side, felt the motion of his chest moving evenly in sleep.

It was cold in his room. Kara moved so that she was lying on her back next to him, and she felt stupid and worried he was going to wake up, and then angry at herself for being worried. Why was everything so hard, with the two of them?

Leoben was still next to her, but she thought maybe he was awake. "I had a nightmare," she said softly, thinking about the mural. Two bright stars in the dark. "It was about you."

There was a long pause. "What did I do?"

Kara closed her eyes, something tight in her chest. "You died."

Leoben was still for so long, she thought she imagined that he'd said anything at all. Then he shifted and moved so he was on his side facing her. She turned her head, but it was too dark to see his eyes. They lay there for a long time, not speaking, and then Leoben put his hand on her stomach, his breath warm against her neck.
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Kara Thrace
28 November 2008 @ 06:14 pm

What Your Name Says About You

Your name says that you are mostly:

Intuitive but high strung

Your name also says you are:

Ambitious but stubborn

Fiery but unbalanced

Kara Thrace
20 November 2008 @ 09:39 am
This RP is set in the Earth!AU!verse, and is written with the fabulous number_eight.

Kara stood in front of the mirror, looking at herself critically. She was dressed in jeans, a black sweater that was a little too big for her, and she'd left her hair down. She was meeting Sharon at the beachside bar to have a few drinks. It was a few weeks after Sharon had been over for dinner, and Leoben had told her that Sharon had stopped by to talk to him as Kara had suggested, but he wasn't sure that he'd done any good.

She'd told Sam, because she didn't think it was fair if Leoben knew and he didn't (apparently being honest with men was getting easier, who knew all it took was shacking up with two of them?), and Sam had been just as bemused as she'd been.

To think it'd been going on so long, and no one had noticed...

Kara wasn't sure what to think, but Sharon was her friend, and Kara wanted to be there for her. She walked out in the living room, where Sam and Leoben were arguing about something to do with the house, but it was the kind of arguing that didn't have a lot of tension (in other words, it wasn't about her), so Kara mostly ignored them when they did that. "I'm gonna go meet Sharon at the Beachside," she said, interrupting, looking down at the complicated diagram on the floor between where they sat, cross-legged. "This must be complicated, even Leoben's drinking," she said, nodding towards the two bottles of beer between them. "Who drew all the red arrows and crossed all that stuff out?"

"Mr. I-See-The-Patterns-In-Plumbing, apparently," Sam muttered, and Kara grinned and kissed him. After a momentary hesitation, she leaned over and kissed Leoben, too. He smiled at her and she grabbed her coat.

"I'll probably drunk when I get back," she said bluntly.

"We expected that," Leoben said, looking at Sam.

Kara stuck her tongue out and left the house, heading down the beach, shivering in the cold air. The beach restaurant was a "restaurant" by the barest meaning of the word, but hey, at least they served liquor. It was usually pretty busy despite the cold--people liked having a place to go--so Kara hoped Sharon had a table, since she was late as usual.
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